Little Earthquakes

So this will be my first dream blog. I usually throw them on Facebook or just jot down the details elsewhere, but I’d rather have a place to keep track of them. I even have a few I used as school papers I should consider bringing on here (among other things). It’ll be easier to go back too and analyze it’s meaning later. I’m always astonished at how much power they hold, and how haunting they can be. This one however, is not the case.

I dont remember all of it sadly, so much as it is just the ending. I still feel it was rather…epic. My class and I had a homework assignment where a set of tori amos lyrics were in front of us, and we needed to go online and find the song titles. I (of course) didn’t need to because I knew them all. When we get back into class, we are divide into groups of those who found them all and those who didnt. The first song title pops up on the powerpoint slides and it happens to be Little Earthquakes. I start singing it out loud as my teacher had found some side conversation with the other group. My singing, lead someone else to sing, which lead to more of them singing, until everyone in my group started to sing and recreate the rhythm with our bodies. It was flipping sweet! Naturally, I as soon as I woke up to the sound of a grumpy child, I got his food and threw my head phones on.

On the one hand, I really do think this is about my passion to be a singer. I’ve always had an amazing singing voice, and I picked back up on my desire to write lyrics. On the other, is there a deeper meaning to all this? As always, I have a hard time finishing the lyrics I start because I never feel as if I got the point or impact across… but on the other hand, practice makes perfect. If you really think about it, if auto-tune the news can come up with extremely catchy songs over something that was never intended to be lyrics, then you can take everything and put it into song!


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