Dreaming of Me

Upon waking up I realized I had just had a dream… an odd one at that. Here it goes..

I was at “camp meeting” in this unusually large gymnasium with a stage at the end of it. It actually looked a lot more like the Somersworth High school cafeteria, but anyway… I was there to listen to a sermon by Pastor Carl Behrman. Before it started, he asked a few people by a show of hands how many either know how to talk on stage or were “ready to go”? Something like that. I flung my hand up in the air because I’ve given many talks and figured “what the hell.” Along side me to my right was someone who looked like Janelle Sundin, but it wasn’t her. Carl picks us both out of a small group of people within ear shot, and we make our way towards the stage.

I’m given a lapel microphone and clip it on me, when out of  nowhere to my right was an individual who I never got to know. His name was Nathan Stoll (r.i.p), and I may have only ever met him once or twice. He tells me about the microphone and some other technical stuff along those lines, but in my heart I began to panic a little. The microphone begins to glitch out on me, and Nathan says “You know who could fix this, “J.T.” could.” From within the audience I here a small level of muffled agreement and head nodding, but instead I  tell him “Don’t worry about it, it’s not that big a deal. I’ll be fine.” I couldn’t handle seeing Jason and I was confused as to why they shortened his name like they did…. kind of like how my nickname is C.J….. Meh.

Carl Berhman gets up and starts off with a song that he use to sing at church when he was our pastor. He actually started it off in a cliche manner, standing at the way back and slowly walking forward like some kinda female popstar with his opening vocal chord. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at his expense. I turned my head and let him do his thing.

After, he starts on with  the sermon. I don’t remember what it was about at all, but it was something really brief, cause 5 minutes later the next thing I knew it was my turn to speak, and he left it on a point for me to pick up on, and I somehow started on stage talking, then went off stage to grab some kinda prop to make a point, and then out the double doors to the right of the stage to grab whatever it was.

Before me was this nasty looking mixture of pickles, cauliflower, and big chunks of hamburger in this cafeteria style pan just waiting to be eaten and all swimming in pickle juice. I politely keep talking into the microphone so they can here me, since I was right around the corner still giving the sermon, and the food had something to do with it. I was there for no more than 1 minute. When I came out, the other girl was on stage talking, and overhead you could see a massive projection screen that glitched on an image and tone of voice of me repeating itself… it was the “a” in “and” sound. I talk into the microphone again saying “testing, testing, 1, 2″ and it worked, which threw the other girl off. By this point I was now embarrassed because I interrupted this other girls speech. The last thought I had upon waking though was “J.T” and Nathan. Was “J.T” there (of which he wasn’t), and why Nathan of all people? Furthermore, how this was all  just too embarrasing, because the audience was “his” classmate from CVA. >.>’ No more than about 50 people in all.

I’ll have to look it up later and bring it’s meaning to my blog.




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