Reoccurring Themes

I woke up this morning and realized “I was dreaming! Gee, maybe I should write this down before I forget again.”

Honestly I had forgotten too much of the dream when I woke up to remember what happened, but it was the same theme I’ve had in previous dreams. Compared to the last time though, I felt a little less…. rushed. I was a little less…. anxious. I enjoyed myself a lot more. I wonder what’s changed in my life that correlates to this dream and the emotion it creates? I’ll figure it out when I yank out my dream book and decode it later I suppose.

The first part of my dream I was (once again) in Boston. I forget what I was doing down there, but I’m pretty sure I was just strolling around having a good time. It’s funny cause where I don’t own a car or know how to drive in real life; when I’m sleeping I don’t know how to drive and walk everywhere as well. It never occurred to me that I don’t drive in my dreams until now. Anyway, I’m going through all these back alleys and main roads absorbing all the architecture into my mind. The town itself had a very aged look about it. The bricks had turned light brown, there were vines growing on a few random buildings, and everything had a very warm feeling about it. The sun felt somewhat aged and the light was glowing through a slight haze above the sky. When it was time to go, I started wandering around looking for the bus station (again) and got lost (again). This time I found myself on some kinda 4 to 5 lane highway, and I came to a stop at the intersection. I know it seems odd for a massive highway to have an intersection, especially since the 5 lane intersection crossed with a 3 lane intersection, but there were some rather friendly guys who enthusiastically helped me out when I asked for directions. They told me keep going straight and hop the highway across, and sure enough, it got me back into Boston. This time it looked a little more modern though…. except for one particular parking garage which was still in light brown brick with strong green vines growing sporadically upon it. I kept wandering around for the bus terminal and I “found it” at some point, though I dont remember what it looks like.

The second part just before I woke up involves me sitting in my house on the couch with grandma. The sun was shining through on a clear blue day. It was gorgeous outside. I started talking with her about random stuff when I noticed grandpa wasn’t there. I asked her, “Where’s grandpa, or does he not like me again?” True grandma responses start off with “Well, I gotta tell ya” followed by her saying he doesn’t like me anymore over something that didn’t make sense at all. Like literally  she gave me his reason, and I gave it the run around to show how it didnt make sense, then she agreed and that was the end of it. We looked out the window together to see if I can see him. Surprisingly enough though, it wasn’t her current husband that was with her, it was her ex, J. Yergeau. I saw him in another car with some other woman passing by looking into my place to check up on her without talking to me. I asked if grandma was sure he wasn’t cheating on her again, and she said no, but he is visiting an old friend in one of these apartments. Then I asked how my aunt in Wakefield was doing. She said okay, and spoke a little bit about her. I asked if she knew that Chris was out of jail and has a new facebook. She said she didn’t know, and before I had the chance to show her his profile, I woke up.


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