Smoke it Up

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Just to clarify with my audience here: I have never smoked pot. Actually, I’ve never done drugs….  I’ve been in positions to do it before, but either I chicken out, or my son is with me so the answer is no, and I’m generally gone before it’s lit so we’re not getting any second hand crap. Anyway, this is another dream blog and as always, I dont remember the first half…. it’s usually just the last.

I’m lying half asleep on the couch when some random guy sits next to me and starts talking about getting stoned. I ask him “What, you mean right now?” “Sure!” He enthusiastically reaches round and out from his back pocket comes a ziplock bag  with about 6 ounces of fresh Jamaican grass. Now I didn’t question the fact that it was fresh and not dried, but what I did question is this newb stoning abilities. He goes in the kitchen and pulls out my blue and white computer genius mug. When he comes back it’s filled with water, and he sets it on the coffee table in front of me. He opens the bag and starts to let the weed sit in the water to soak, except for the one he’s about to light. He grabs it by the stem, rinses it in the water, and leaves it floating on the top. He takes a lighter, and lights the end of the stem, and blows it out so it burns like an incense. The smoke just barely reaches my nostrils and I lie back down on the couch just trying to relax.

As is usual with any dream I have when I feel as if I’m doing something wrong, something GOES wrong in my dream. I’m lying on the couch when all of a sudden my door swings open, and in walks my mother wondering what the hell is going on. Stoner guy disappears into thin air, and whats in front of me was no longer pot, but fresh spinach.  -.-’ I have no idea how that happened. From there I wake up because my kiddo was bugging me.

Prior to all this I know I was dreaming of “Jay” again, and something to do with the rochester church. Not sure what or why, but I know we were just standing around out back talking. One of the Batchelder guys was there too… not sure how to spell his name, so I’ll just call him “L”.  : P


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