Parades and Conventions

So I was with the extreme teens from back in the day, and we were at a conference working in the heart of New York. Outside the building in this highly congested area was a parade that was either setting up or starting or something. One of them was actually a marching band supporting Obama! 😀

Anyway, we go inside the conference and I’m quickly diverted because I see an oriental market and I wanted to check it out. I think to myself “what ever, I’m an adult, they can’t give me crap” and take off. One of the leaders, Christine, decided to follow me in, but at some point she transformed into my old boss Lana. Weird how that happens in dreams huh?

Inside I was looking at all the various goods on the shelves. Some of them I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, some of the stuff was whole, cooked, marinated, and preserved duck breasts, some of it was this powdered Ramune mix o.o’. There were plenty of dried noodles and packages of ramen, spice packets, bottles and jars of sauce, and I know not what. I was on the hunt for Ramune (the real stuff) and Pockey, but couldn’t locate it at first.

Finally I find the Ramune, but it was very different. It was in a small jam jar, blue, sealed, with ice already in it! I couldn’t find the price anywhere (as is common for every oriental market I’ve been in), and start looking for someone to tell me. I accidentally make my way outside with the product, and see the overweight oriental woman that was supposed to be inside assisting me. I felt bad for taking her product outside the shop (because I’m not a thief) and went straight back in with her following me.

She went up the register where I asked her about Pockey, of which she said she had none, and I proceeded to pay. I hand her a $10 bill and she wanted “better change” because of her drawer being low, so she asked for $56 and wanted to swap it out for other bills to hand me o.o’! In the end, I dug through my pockets while Lana counted what I had, and I couldn’t do it. She handed me my change from the $10, and I took off. Before leaving I finally found the Pockey in the store and got annoyed, mumbling how she doesn’t know how to do her job, and left back out into the hordes of people on the street celebrating this unknown occasion. I make my way back inside the convention center looking for my friends and that’s when I woke up.

It was a pretty cool dream I think. 🙂 I’ll go though this and edit the spelling/grammar later. I just woke up and needed to get it all down asap. 😀


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