Thieves & Jacuzzis

I had a weird dream… or rather, 2 dreams. I was in this Indian/American community on vacation with my family. It started off with this little girl named maya, nick named danny, who was 3 years old. She was swinging from her second story window on trees like a monkey would to try and peak into our window. I thought she was being curious and it was rather cute, though terrifying. From here things went dead wrong.

Minutes later I heard the sound of someone breaking in, and I found some rugged overweight guy trying to steal the cables to my mothers cell phones for starters. I grabbed a broom and started hitting him, but it had no real effect. Just like in other dreams when I hit people, there’s no real impact, and often times my arms feel sore, as if to suggest I couldnt weild my “broom of doom.” As a result, he kept going, though slowly because of my attacks.

From there his family broke in and I found out the little girl in the trees was a spy for the neighbors next door, who were in fact the perpetrators. I guess the way we got our vacation home from the vacation agency was that these neighbors contract out the house to make a profit, and they turn around and use that as a means of theft, because they know when people will be staying.

Upon discovering this I grabbed a bat and tried beating them all up, and I finally did some damage  not enough to kill or make them bleed, but enough to stop them in the house from being able to steal or leave. After I tried to called the police, but the phone line didnt go out to them because of the high poverty level, meaning the phone lines didn’t connect that far out. So I ran outside and found a jewish temple about to start worship. I ran to a group of what looked like church leaders and bowed down before them in respect, which took them by surprised. I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do, especially since I thought I self identified as christian in the dream, but I needed help and I needed it now! What surprised me is that they understood English and spoke it fluently. I told them someone broke into our house while we were on vacation and that we needed the police. They said sure and called on our behalf.

When I got back in the house the criminals had tried to conceal their identities by making themselves useful by cooking breakfast and cleaning the house. It also looked as if my parents had “forgiven” them because they were doing their own thing by making pancakes. I tried one and noticed they weren’t my brothers recipe, and therefore, they messed it up. It needed more cinnamon, but they were still tasty though.

This is when things really changed in my dream.

I went into one of the rooms in the house, which turned into a downstairs, which turned into another dream I’ve had in the past of being in a community college/high school and trying to find the jacuzzis down there. I had no idea how that happened, but it was weird. For the first time in ages I found one, though not the Jacuzzi I usually try to find in my dreams. It was REALLY pretty because is was made to look like a pond with tiny specks of LED lights on the floor that reminded me of stars or firefly’s  The lights above were dim to look like night time and there were fake rocks and lily pads to the edges of the Jacuzzi. The walls were painted a nice scenery with optic fiber lights to contrast the painted sky on the wall, and there was ambient noises of crickets chirping and waving grass. It was truly quite amazing, but I didn’t get to enjoy it. When I walked in I realized I didnt have a towel or bathing suite. The bathing suite didnt bother me so much cause I can just go in nude, but to come out dripping wet and throw my clothes on just didnt seem like a good idea. I left and lost the room, just like I ALWAYS do! In previous dreams I either never find it, or I find the room, forget something, leave, and lose the room.

Moving on, I go looking for my towel and end up at some really nice room that I assume is mine. Don’t know if it’s a hotel room or modified classroom, but it was nice. I recognized my roommates were the extreme teens, and Mama Chris was there. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I think it was needing my towel to use the Jacuzzi and she should join us, but she kindly declined. The next problem was I couldn’t find my towel because there were massive heaps of clothes lying on the floor that I had to dig through, and not all the clothes were mine. A lot of it belonged to my bunk-mates  and I couldn’t tell if it was clean or dirty. I told myself “screw it” and made my way back for a dip, but to no avail. Finally I wake up.

I gotta admit, thats my first time remembering 2 dreams at one like that, AND I got them down on my computer.



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