Dying to Save a Dream

I dont remember how the dream starts, but it was intense. What I DO remember was being hunted down to be locked away for all eternity. There was some sorta evil warlord/magic using corporate villain that was going to kill me for helping my friend Joe chase his dream. He was in a national league for soccer and was on the “red” team. His dream was to become a top notch soccer player that everyone adored. He practiced everyday and trained hard for so many years, that I wanted him to succeed as well. He was talented and determined, and I looked up to him for it. He had a following of fans, and they were rooting for him too. I guess the problem was that he was destined to succeed, and going too, but this corporate war lord who owned the stadium didnt want him too. I found out about the stadium owner not wanting my friend Joe to win and because I found out, I needed to be killed.

I spent most of my dream either hanging out with joe chatting with some other random dark haired thin beauty, or running through massive crowds, or running blindly and frantically through the stadium not wanting to be caught. Towards the end I find myself ending up with joe and the other girl at the very location they heald the magical chamber where they intended to hold me for all eternity. The lock itself was this strange demonic eyeball with yellow streaks running through the white, and a little bit of red in the center. Around it was a sliver ring holding it down, and to open the door, you had to poke or slam this fucked-up eyeball.

To hide from the corporate villains I actually go inside this chamber, and discover it’s a really small hot sauna room, enough to seat 4 people at most. I was to be kept there till death, but because I was the one who opened it with the eyeball, the spell didn’t work to keep the door locked. Ironically there was another door to the right of it, but it was this metal chained up door that you push on to open, and with the chains on it, I assumed it couldn’t be used to escape. No matter, after enough time to let my captures lose us we run back to the soccer field and watch the last of joe’s game. He looses at first, and the crowds of people kind of went “awww” as he kicked the ball in 2 seconds too late, but he swears he’ll win someday.

What appears to be years later I see this flash forward to a greater stadium, millions of people dressed in red for him, and him being tossed into the air by his team and fans because he won. The look on his face was pure emotion as he looked as if he was about to cry for finally completeing his life goal he worked so hard on. Everyone supported and loved him, and even though he failed at first, he finally did it. I’m assuming the meaning of this dream is reflective of me somehow, but I’ll find out more eventually.


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