Ball gowns, Space Zombies, Old women and the City: My Birthday Dreams

I ended up having 3 dreams written down by the time I got out of bed… a new frigged record. As a result however, a lot more of the details are missing compared to the usual.

The first dream I had was at about 4am this morning. I was at this massive and elegant mansion with a few people from church… ossian, liam, stephanie, verna, a few pastors…. but Jay was also there. I guess everyone was in ball room gown attire and I was in the absolutely stunning dress (for being a little heavy anyways.) It was black on the top half and white on the bottom, and the colors met from my left shoulder to my right leg in a curvy line rather than just straight across. The front seam where the two colors met had this beautiful hand stitched embroidered vine with small flowers and leaves throughout it. It was silver colored with a little bit of glittery studs throughout it. I looked stunning, but the only person I wanted to look stunning for was Jay (don’t ask me why cause I haven’t a clue.) He was into me, and I was into him, but I went to make myself look better so I’d become irresistible. Kinda odd to wish for though, since everyone else was already staring at me, as was he.

I went into the closet with an alternative formalesque kinda gown to put on. Essentially it was just a corset that matched the dress, but then I ran into two problems…. well, three actually. 1) The dress couldn’t detach as a top and skirt, so I had to wear the dress. 2) Even if I put on the corset, the gown wrapped around my neck and with the corset being strapless, it would look odd. 3) I was taking too long in the closet. At some point stephanie went in there as well changing something in her attire as well, but it was small and quick. Kinda odd actually. I come out and look for Jay, but he’s gone. My heart sinks, and I begin to miss him, as I do with most of my dreams about him.

The next dream took place on a space ship in a very high-tech looking place deep into space. There were two powerful opposing forces on the ship, but they got along with certain boundaries maintained. The one race I was with specialized in aquatics, but reminded me of Sayians from Dragon Ball Z. The other race we were spying on. They had super intelligence, and were developing something secret. They looked like the thalmore from skyrim with their attire, but it blended into the villianesque look of the Chronicles of Riddick. For some reason I was in neutral territory because I didn’t belong to either species. What we were looking for we dont know, but we went into their research room that was normally off limits.

We went in without a sound. The floor was made of massive coils that spiraled into the center. In the gaps of the floor it had vines growing between them that were bright green. There were tall boxed fences that kinda made a maze, with more vines growing between them. The back of the room looked kinda like a chemistry area with vials and various colored fluids in them. Overall I’d say the place had something to do with growing biochemistry or growing plants out in space or something. We got about half way to the center when someone made a noise with their foot. It was slight and small, but it echoed. We immediately left silently in a rush and made it out successfully, but I was the last person out. So as not to be followed, I stood by the door calmly and two seconds later, he came out from behind one of the hedges and saw me. He didn’t say anything because he didn’t suspect me, but he did suspect someone to still be in the room. The next words out of his mouth was the last thing I’d ever expect to hear:

“Send out the zombies”

Next thing I know he walks out, the doors shut, and I hear loud groanings from the few zombies flooding into the room. The zombies found no one, so they sent in more. Someone shouted “If they don’t find anyone we’re in trouble. They need their flesh.” They sent in more zombies, and the sounds were shocking out of them. They were loud, rowdy, and started to bang on the door from hunger. Normally if they have their kill they become obedient enough to get back to where they came from, but with no one in there, they sent in a random guard. I watched as the guards pushed him in against the wall of zombies, and I helped at the last second simply because I didn’t want the zombies coming after us, or we were all fucked. He screamed a high pitched shrill of fear, and then it changed to the screams of a man in terrifying pain. I couldn’t watch, but I did see little bits of blood splatter straight up. By this point the multitude of zombies was close to 120, and the 1 guard wasn’t enough. They weren’t leaving, and we were in trouble. I don’t remember exactly what happened by that point, but I’m pretty sure I left in fear. The dream ends.

Lastly I find myself in what i thought was my apartment, but it turned out to be the elderly ladies down stairs. She was complaining that my friends and I accidentally ate 1 candy bar each out of the (literally) 17 full size cases of chocolate bars she had. It was an accident cause I thought it was my apartment. I felt bad, but didn’t tell her the truth that I ate one. Some random dude in my party that I didn’t know got caught eating a york peppermint patty though, and even though she was hunched over, slow, and weak, you could tell if she were younger she’d be screaming if not kicking your butt. We all (minus the old lady) go into the living room, which was mine at this point because of the furniture, and suddenly I hear a bang. We look around and can’t figure out whats going on, so we keep chatting. I decide to get a drink from the fridge, and thats when I noticed something on the table was on fire. It was a partially opened crunch bar the old woman had microwaved in the wrapper and left on fire on the table. Luckily the fire was really small and I put it out with the pressure sprayer from the kitchen sink. Nothing was damaged, but I was a little shaken up.

I decided to use the bathroom, but found Kim and Sara in my bedroom doing things they shouldnt…. it was a little to awkward to witness, so I’ll spare you the details.

After, I end up in a very urban and deserted area with nothing more than a king sized mattress a few feet away from me. Everything was kinda grey-scale and blue, but not enough to be depressing… more like it was about to rain kind of a look. I got on the bed and it was the comfiest thing I ever layed on. All of a sudden Sara walks up to me and I tell her to get on… she’s love how plushy the bed is. The dream ends in me burring myself belly down in the bed loving how comfy it is.

I wake up, grab my pencil, and get it all down.

Oh, Happy Birthday to me! 24 and I’m still going… somehow.


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