Lost in Boston

I was in Boston to go to some unknown museum with my son Syrus, mom, my brother Jamie, and my ex/son’s father Aris. His most recent psycho fucking ex Kai ended up showing up out of nowhere, because anime Boston was probably going on, and he wanted to ditch us for her. Aris initially dumped Syrus on me and took off wandering looking for Kai, and I began to panic. I followed him out and saw him wandering around the building unable to find her, so I gave Syrus back to him and left.

Instead of going into the museum for some reason I went wandering around different convience stores, theaters, and kids fun houses before getting lost. I took a train to get me closer to the museum under the guidance of a friendly stranger, and we left. Once we got off the stranger parted from me and I started to panic. I’m lost again, and now I find out Aris lost Syrus cause he tripped out on acid with Kai and in a threatening voice he made it clear he didn’t want me to say anything to anyone.

A midst my aimless wandering and internal freakout I asked someone for help again. I had no idea that when I stopped and asked this random guy for directions, he turned out to be a friend of Jay’s. He saw his friend and smiled, and I thought he was smiling at me so I smiled back, and then he realized who his friend was standing next to and the smile was instantly wiped from his face. After the tiniest bit of small talk, Jason actually offered to help me get to the museum, but  I managed to pissed him off along the way. I was trying to explain what I had been told in terms of getting back to the museum and he got beat red and argued with me about what I was saying and how I was cutting him off or something. The he got frustrated cause he pointed me in the right direction across the street and I took off before he could finish – so he chased me. He got to the other side of the street with me and said “maybe this is the wrong place” and I said “No, there it is” pointing to a convince shop that has a shortcut to the museum, and we took off inside the shop to find my son.

Finally I found Syrus. Aris ended up giving him to “Mr.Miagi” the convience store shop owner, and Mr. Miagi gave my son to another store owner to babysit him. That whole thing was fucked up and i hate instant anxiety in the morning. The mix of emotions kicked me awake in the most awful way. I hate it when that happens.


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