Oh Christmas Dream, Oh Christmas Dream!

This was the only blurb I can remember from when I woke up this morning, but it was awesome. 🙂 Its kind of funny having a dream about Christmas in July, but it’s my favorite holiday. Sorry, but I love commercialism fueled by the essence of tradition and nostalgia.

There was my grandparents, my cousin ashley, my aunt angie, mom, aunt nancy, my siblings, my son, and myself all gathered together in this building for the town’s christmas gathering. There were a few rows of tables for everyone to buy and sell their gifts, but in the center was a bunch of chairs and a stage at the front. Everyone, including the towns folk, were laughing, chatting, and just having a good time. The essence of making friends out of strangers was evident and contagious  I ended up casually chatting with a few random people that surrounded me and my son until he wanted to do something.

I sat on the floor with him on my lap facing me, and initially pulled out a Christmas lollipop for us to enjoy. Then we started singing a christmas carol together. I let my son lead, and I helped him through the difficult parts and words he doesn’t know too well. What I wasn’t aware of because I was so absorbed into my kiddo, was that the majority of the room was absorbed in my son singing as well (cause lets face it, he’s adorable!) When we were done half the room that was closest to us was applauding and going “awww,” as well as my grandparents who were an earshot to my left.

I got up and decided to sit next to my grandparents in the available chairs, and a few moments later, I see Ashley, Angie, Mom, Nancy, and Cara up on stage and they began to sing a Christmas tune as well. What was odd was they were all dressed the same, suggesting it was planned out. They were all in red long sleeve shirts, red shorts, red stockings, and red elf shoes with a little santa hat. It was kinda cute actually. Everyone applauded for them before they began.

Thats when I wake up. My son was crying and I needed to get him ready for the day.


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