This Nightmare Brought to you by the Letter T

It’s a wonder I remembered this because It took place long before I woke up! I remember being in my home and the attic above me was begin cleaned out. I had friends over and I dont remember what we were doing, but I think it had something to do with counseling one of my friends. Suddenly I hear everyone freaking out and looked to see what was going on. On the floor to my left was a huge ass fucking tarantula! The thing was the size of a basket ball players hand, brown at the front, and the spinner end was a pale white. The whole thing was fuzzy and the legs were kind bony looking. It was more or less doing it’s own thing and I’m terrified of spiders, but then I did something unexpectedly that I’ve never done in ANY of my dreams throughout the whole of my life! I GOT RID OF IT!

Usually spiders tend to attack me in my dreams or I’m swarmed with a multitude of them to the point that I wake up with a heart attack. This time I stood there for a moment and rationally thought about what I could do to get rid of it. My friends were freaking out usually the same way I do, but I had to take charge in my house for them. After a little bit I went to the sliding glass door with something I thought I could use as bait for the tarantula. This nasty abomination of god followed me outside sure enough, and I tossed whatever it was on the ground away from the entrance so I could get back in safety. It started to curl it’s body around the food like it was attacking it, and that’s when I looked around and noticed there were 2 more of these terrifying fuckers near by. Both were on trees in different spots, but I safety managed to race inside and lock the door trembling. I calmed everyone down and told them it probably got in the house because of the attic, but there was nothing to worry about and we’d all be okay. I was scared I might see another one in the house, but I blocked the thought out and kept my cool for my company, and the dream progressed on from there.

I can’t believe my reaction to something as horrifying as a tarantula changed to drastically. I wonder if this has anything to do with what’s going on in my life lately and how things are finally starting to go on the right track.


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