God Save the Queen

So I dreamt I was invited to a party in England. The invitation was given by the queen, and among my present company at the time was vegeta and goku. At some point the cast changed and switched out to ransom people I didn’t know. Additionaly, vegeta and goku didn’t make any contributions to the dream so much as they were in the same room as me.

The invitation was for a ball that required mandatory wealthy dress attire. I found myself in this beautiful red renaissance dress and make it there. After wandering around I found myself in a small bed chamber with the queen of England herself on the throne. Oddly enough there was no bed, just dresser drawers in this dimly candle lit room. There was a small collection of her personal advisers in the room all talking and discussing political issues, and I went in and thanked the Queen for the party. Being in her presence reminded me of wanting to see my psychology professor Deirdre, so I went back to see if I could find her in the party. Shortly thereafter we were all summonsed to follow the royal guards, and so we went into a room that looked like a dungeon without any prison cells, just areas that branched out rectangularly within this largely oval shaped room. The room was empty at first, and then we find out it was a battle royal. All of a sudden the cast changes yet again, and I’m in a black nighting gale outfit of armor.

We all picked our weapons, and everything switched to skyrim mode within this torch lit room. The enemy starts pouring in, and they actually worked for the queen. She wanted to obtain new champions by determining who is the strongest by life and death circumstances. The fight ensues and no one really dies. You hear the clash of metal from the axes and swords at play, but I mentally used a cheat command from skyrim called “~tcl”. What it does is it stops everyone from moving and gives you the ability to fly and walk through things. I send myself flying in the air and grab my bow and arrow to attack from above in sneak mode. Funny enough, I actually had the bow and arrows I wield now for my character. It’s an Orc bow enchanted with lightning.

I never did fire any arrows, I just listened to the dialogue exchange. One had someone to do with fighting for a woman they love and their competition was on the opposing force. The rest had stereotypical dialogue exchange from the elderscrolls series. They were shouting “why wont you just die” before executing power attacks, or things like “die your cur”.

I woke up and debated if I should get this down now or fall back asleep, but I rather like the dream and didnt want to forget.


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