Varying Elements

This whole thing took place at “Hesser College,” but it was a highschool.

I know Dr. Beemer was my teacher for part of it, and I’m pretty sure we were chatting to the point of bull-shitting around about video games and such, but then he had us do a group activity. What that group activity was I dont remember, but I know that towards the end I started singing rucka rucka ali’s emo like a natzi as I left the classroom and it fell silent. I guess I offended everyone when I sang the first 3 lines of the song. As I sheepishly came back a little later everyone had left except for stephanie who was transitioning to the next class, and that class was in the same room. Beemer was there for a moment gathering the last of his supplies to leave, and he didnt say a word as he walked out the door. I wasn’t in this next class that was about to begin, so I sat on the couch in the same room (why there’s a couch I have no idea.) For some reason me lying on the couch blended with my sleeping ritual, and I was horrified when I realized I was only wearing a skirt that exposed my boobs to the arriving class, only to be covered by a blanket. I ended up finding an alternative outfit on the counter that seemed to be from my clothes, so put it on. That’s when travis from the SDA church came in and said hi to me. It was a little awkward and I wasn’t too thrilled to see him, but whatever. I left the classroom to avoid more people I didn’t want to see; that’s when I ran into Brianna. She was trying to get close and say hi, and I didn’t want her too, so I avoided her as much as I could. Eventually I was backed into an elevator and she stood right in my face smirking and saying hi. -.-’ She was trying to be friendly and I just didn’t want to hear it.  She is too much drama as a human being and even though she’s a great person at heart, she has a tremendous amount of growing up to do. The dream ends with me looking out the glass elevator to see the surrounding landscape. It looked green and serene, for a business park anyway


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