Vampires and Concerts

Marilyn Manson was having a concert that  for some strange reason I needed to get tickets to for my brother and I. I started digging through my pockets for change after purchasing the tickets to see if I had enough for snack and beverages. Among the coins in my pocket I found a variety of foreign coins that were pretty cool, and the guy knew nothing about currency. Well, neither did I, but I managed to use that to my advantage along side my american coins to get a medium beverage for the same price as the small. I also got two big bags of variety candy which I gave to my brother. Before I left however, I had a message of destiny for a vampire. Lucient LaChance’s voice pops up among the crowd at the concession stand since he is looking for someone. My message had something to do with the night mother and lady luck, but he never got the message, because he wasn’t the vampire I was looking for, so I went on without speaking to him.

I went into the crowd of Marilyn Manson fans and found my brother. I gave him 1 bag of candy and told him I’d be right back. Something deeper was calling me that I needed to find. Holding my cup of blue powerade I went outside and looked around. I recognized the beach sceanery from other dreams I had, and knew there was a train station on the other half of the island. The part I was on now was where the ships came through and docked, but there wasn’t a docking area in that particular spot. Instead I noticed there was a full moon and saw in front of me a werewolf that had just changed. There was also this path of booies that stretched for miles out to sea as a path so you could travel to the other continent on foot. I knew the vampire I was looking for was walking this path. During the full moon they loose their ability to fly I thought, so this was their escape. I had to find him. I needed him.

I started running on the path. My message of the night mother and lady luck (nocturnal) didnt matter so much to me now. I was engulfed in some strange level of lust mixed with the desire of finding the one man/vampire I long for (no I’m not a twilight fan, but I LOVE Hellsing.) All of a sudden I hear and feel this thud behind me as the watery path I walked rocked and swayed. I swung around and looked behind me. It was a cute younger looking vampire in his 20′s. The path was still moving and I couldn’t find my footing as I kept stumbling backwards; I fell into the ocean. I grabbed onto the path and outstretched my right hand for him to pull me in, and he did. He asked me “Why are your leaving, the party is that way.”  I told him i was looking  for a vampire who was journeying on this path. I dont know exactly what happened next but I was almost back on the beach when I find that he had fallen on top of me and started to sing. I sang back to him and kissed his neck while slightly submerged under water, then nibbled on him with my teeth.

The dream ends because in real life I roll over and feel that I’m leaning on the arm with my tetanus shot, and hurt like a bitch. It was enough to wake me up. I wish I could have kept dreaming this one out. It would have been fun.


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