On the Prowl of Distrust

I didn’t scramble out of bed as quickly as I should have this morning to get all the details of my dreams down, but I at least got this much…

I was in the apartment hallway at Sunnyhurst. I was on the top floor and walking around when a woman came out of one of the units with a rather holier-than-thou smile. She was well groomed with volumized blonde hair, black heels, and a dress that exaggerated her curves for a plus size woman…. but there was something about her I didn’t like. I needed to follow her till I got back to the apartment.

I followed her down the flight of stairs until we reached the second floor… my floor. She stopped in front of my door. She lightly knocked once and waited a moment; her ear fixed against the door. I’m standing right behind her, but she doesn’t notice me. After a few heart beats she barges on into my house and I’m standing there baffled. There was a very handsome thin man with an auburn ponytail inside who smiled at the other woman when we walked in. I paniced and imediatley asked them both “who are you people, and what are you doing in my house!?!” That’s when my brother jamie comes out of the bathroom.

“It’s okay” he assures me, and then proceeds to tell me how he took this survey that they paid him for. It was about products and consumer relations with electronics. He sum it up by telling me they’re taking the T.V for a while to run a few tests and make sure it’s working as part of their research. I furrow my brows and start to scowl when the woman pipes up rather smugly behind me and says “Don’t worry, we’ll have it returned this afternoon.” Her eyes narrowed in on me in a rather distrustful fashion and gave me a smile that bleeds distrust. I knew at that moment something was up, but what?

When I look past her shoulder I see the other guy had already taken the tv down and was messing with the cables. I look back to miss bitch and start drilling her out for information about the company and the survey, but she was less than obliging. She wouldn’t give me anything more beyond what you’d find on a pamphlet or sales pitch. In that moment I knew they were con-artists, but I didn’t know how to say it. I didn’t want to accuse them in front of my brother because he’d snap at me, and if they were on the up and up, then I’d feel like an ass…. but this was my sons tv, and the dream shifted to something else involving my brother.

There was another dream I had. I was being lead down this massive hallway for an important meeting. The hall was elaborately furnished with massive portraits of royalty & religious art, and everything was themed a gold and burgundy color. It was a cross between a palace and a hotel. At the end I turned left and found I was having a meeting of great importance, but the dream ended. I can’t remember what happened leading up to this meeting either. Frustrating.


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