Cops & Robbers

I ended up having a dream last night that triggered me to remember a dream I had a few nights ago that I had forgotten. 2 dreams for the price of one today! I’ll start with the one I had the other day…

Dream 1:

I’m shopping around in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire doing my usual routine of poking around at G. Wilikers, Macro Polo, Wine tasting at Atrezzis, and mowing down on Moe’s subs at Prescott Park. The subs at the park are a tradition my dad started with me when I was a kid, and now I pass it down to my son. 🙂 ❤

Once I find myself standing at the bus stop just outside Starbucks, I end up wishing I had more money. I always have a restricted budget when I go and it sucks. That’s when I noticed I had a pistol on me I didn’t know I was carrying. I stood there for a moment familiarizing myself with the cold black metal. Once I thought I had an idea of what I was doing, I decided to rob somebody.

In front of me are a group of people chatting away, laughing it up, having a good time…. their backs are turned to me. I picked a guy at random I thought was well to do and held the pistol through my hoodie so he could tell it was a gun, but not whip it out in public to scare anyone else. I also wore a white medical mouth cover, the ones used to prevent the spread of germs. He turns around and I tell him to give me his money and any cards he may have on him. He looks at me flustered, angry, and confused before he finally says “You’re kidding, right?”

“No. Just give me all you’re fucking money, Now!”

He pulls out his wallet and hands me a red debit card and $7 in ones. I take it and run across the street.

I’m panting a bit and no longer in eye sight. I hold up the card and look at it, then debate if I should use it or not. I decided not to because if a store has a camera inside they’ll know what I look like once they cancel the card and do an investigation. I threw it in the trash and found myself a whopping $7 richer…. “whoop-dee-doo” I mutter sarcastically. It wasn’t worth it. I wander over to Stonewall Kitchen to sample the jellies and call it a day.

Dream 2:

I find myself in downtown Portsmouth again. This time, I’m near subway and the whale painted wall when I get a call on my cell phone. I pick it up and see the number, but don’t recognize that or the name. I answer it.


“Hello, is this Carol?”


“Hi, I’m detective (blank) with the Portsmouth Police Department.”


“I’m doing an investigation involving a robbery and I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.”

Trying to sound as normal, cool, and friendly as possible, I manage to say “Sure” and he requests that I meet him in person, asking me to stay downtown. I agree and the line goes dead, but we didn’t actually agree where to meet.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I stare at my phone in anguish and disbelief wondering how that fuck I got caught. That’s when I realize he’s only asking questions. I try to calm my now scattered nerves that lie all over the pavement, but it’s a roller coaster effect. I walk back to the heart of town and mindlessly meander around waiting. I keep thinking to myself “there is no way they know I did anything! There weren’t any cameras, my identity was concealed, the other stores I go to wouldn’t have footage of me, I threw away the card without using it…. where did I go wrong? I couldn’t have done anything wrong, there’s no way of being caught! It’s just questioning.” This calmed me down at first, but my thoughts ran away again. My heart leaps in my throat and I start to tremble with fear. I swallow hard, take a deep cleansing breath, and focus myself claiming everything will be just fine. It helps… A LOT! I start to plan out what questions he might have in store for me and the answers I give him. As I run through what he might say I freak out again, and wake up.


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