Evil Bus Driver

There was a neighbor who was a friend in my dream. The neighbor went away for the day and asked me to get her daughters from the school bus. I was somehow a passenger on the bus heading home with my dad and little brother Jim, and we had arranged for my other brother Jamie to meet us at a particular stop. We stopped at 1 stop after the agreed upon location, but we had a ton of stuff on the school bus. Everyone but the girls got off. I got back on to grab some more things and the bus driver took off with me and the girls still on the bus. I shouted at her to stop and she was being a total bitch. She stopped when other kids needed her, but not for me. Finally I told her my situation with the neighbor and she goes “Yeah I know, the neighbor left us a note about you, but I don’t trust you.”


Finally she stopped by the side of the road at a bus stop surrounded by woods. She let me get 1 of the girls off, but not the other. I run screaming and chasing the bus with the other girl following me as best as she can for a 7 year old, but she’s holding me up. Finally we get to what I think is a little drop I can jump over to continue to follow the bus, but it was a massive cliff up the side of a mountain that I didn’t recognize till I jumped with the girl in my hands. The moment I noticed I was able to catch the cliff with my other hand and scream for help. I was able to throw the girl over the cliff and back on to safe land, but all that was left was me dangling. Finally an old woman with white curly hair helped me back up. She was a tourist admiring the view. Broken and defeated I grab the girl and walk back to where we came from in an effort to find my dad and brothers. The dream ends.


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