The Lost Dream

I had a dream this morning. Once my consciousness recognized who & what it was about, it got deep…. too deep.  I didn’t write it down, and I quite frankly didn’t want too. It’s one thing to accept what I was dreaming about, but another to confess. I just wish I understood why some things linger in my existence despite the death of the circumstances that pervades my existence.


Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all… or so they say. But is the pain really worth it? I guess it’s a good thing I’m trying to accept that I’ll never end up with anyone, but I can find quality in my career. Cold. Hard. Heartless. Cash. >.>’ I guess I now know that if I had to choose between being poor but with a lifetime of happiness versus rich and alone, I’d be poor any day….


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