Active and Passive

At one point I know I was dreaming about being in a hotel of some kind with my little sister playing the wii, and I worried about how I’d pay for it per game/hour when it came time to leave.

Then I was making myself look super pretty in the mirror with Victoria Secret stuff. At one point all the glitter at the bottom of a perfume bottle sprayed out into my hand… one shot and I had tons of it… not a millimeter of my palm exposed. I took it and put a tiny bit on my arms and such, but put a lot more in my hair. It was beautiful :). Little moons and stars and specs. I was getting ready for “school”, but then my dream morphed again and I was a passive member of my dream. I was in a business meeting watching a man stand up at the very front. He was complaining to everyone that as a psychologist, the numbers, bars, graphs, and charts had nothing to do with his job description or degree, however they work for kelloggs and they can afford the extra staff thanks to sales prices on food… odd.

I woke up. End of story.


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