Pissed? Leaky Faucet? Yuck!

I had a dream that my son “pottied” a little bit on the floor. I grabbed the dry diaper he’d just taken off to put it back on… but then he started peeing again before the diaper was on, so all I could do is cover his front with the diaper.  He just kept peeing and it got everywhere because the diaper wasn’t doing it’s job… it was gross and freaking me out. I didn’t want it all over my hand (or the carpet) so I scream out “JAMIE” looking for my brother to help. That’s when I wake up, having to remind myself he’s moved out and can’t help me anymore. 😦

I don’ think the significance in the dream was that my son spilled his bladder everywhere (yuck), but rather a reminder of whom I’ve lost and the part he played my our world.

I miss him.


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