Let’s Play Hide and Go Fuck Yourself

I’m shopping at walmart with my brother Jamie and my friend Joe Bailey. We’re in the lawn and garden area (which has now turned into the Christmas warehouse) when we decide to play  hide and seek. I come around the corner of one of the isles and Jamie manages to scare the crap out of me with a “boo;” then I hide with him waiting for Joe. Slowly I hear foot steps coming nearer and wait around the corner. My anticipation and glee is bubbling over when I know he’s just about to round the corner. I was trying so hard not to laugh at the shock that would be on his face.

First I see a black shoe, then brown looking business pants, then a white button up shirt, and then finally – Aris. Here I thought my friends was going to round the corner, and it’s my stupid ex instead! >.>’ He’s smiling at me and expecting to let him join in on our little game, but he stops smiling when he sees how pissed I am. I leave around the corner and let Joe know who’s here, to which he say’s “I know, I saw him.” He looks just as disinterested as I do by my ex showing up. Together we walk to keep me safe.

I catch up with Aris who’s now talking to my brother Jamie, when a friend of my ex shows up. He was a gorgeous looking guy, and not someone we knows in real life. Totally made up, and totally cool with me. We all walk out of the lawn and garden area into a darker smaller room. It’s my living room, and we all decide to watch T.V.. Somehow more people show up including more random males that supposedly are friends with my ex, along with another family member. A room full of men and just me watching Youtube on the couch. [My computer is hooked up to the TV instead of the monitor in case you were wondering; that how.] So we’re watching t.v. when that really cute guy keeps stealing glances of me. I in turn do the same, and feel myself blush. As this continues I notice I’m lying underneath a blanket on the couch, and my shirt is barely buttoned and my bra is missing. I try to cover myself up, but the more self conscious I become, the less clothing I seem to wear, and the less able I can actually cover myself. Finally all I’m wearing is my back button-up shirt, and it’s unbuttoned. The guy is now staring at me hardcore. He gets up off the floor and sits at the end of the couch, staring at me – wanting me. I noticed the room fell silent because the video ended on Youtube. I changed it to keep everyone distracted from me and the hottie. I guess I changed it from Depeche modes music video “mercy in you” which was what was originally playing, to adventure time. Because I got up and changed the t.v, hiding under the blanket, the guy knew I was naked and seriously wanted to pounce, but then Jake showed up from adventure time and started being loud and silly. That killed the moment and I woke up.



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