Banks Suck

Im shopping in Newington having a great time – five below, mall, game stop… doing whatever I want and spending money as I see fit.

At one point in my dream however, I steal something small thinking I wouldn’t get caught, and then get something to eat. I stop at my favorite place in the area, Chipotle, and grab a barbacoa burrito – half mild salsa and half spicy, the normal. I pay the usual $8 and leave.

I arrive at home with my brother Jamie and the kiddo in tow. The police show up in the building and I freak out in front of my brother. I don’t tell him why, but I ask him to tell the guy that if he stops at our place, I’m not home. Sure enough, moments later theres a knock at the door, I hide in my room, and my brother lets him in. Now instead of being accused with theft from one of the stores, I overhear a grim piece of news involving something with chipotle. I barrel out of my bedroom and ask him to clarify the detail’s I’d just heard. Apparently someone in the house (me) ordered a burrito and paid with their debit card. The problem was the billing was screwed up with a banking error and now I owe $80 for the meal instead of $8, plus 1/2 a million dollars for all the services of  correcting the bill and having the police try to criminalize me. I couldn’t believe it! The bank wanted to get money out of me for an error they made and are expecting me to pay the fine with a lifetime in prison for one lousy meal. I panic at the thought of trying to pay the bill and jail time which forces me to wake up.

You know, if these criminal justice courses don’t end soon, I’m gonna go nuts over these dreams.


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