Role Playing Adventurer

My brother comes home from Florida as surprise. He’s moving back in and I wonder why? “I thought you were happier down there.” “It was nice” he says, “but it didn’t work out as I’d hoped.” I asked how dad was taking it, and he said he’s a little upset, but he understands. It just didn’t work out as we had hoped.

Somehow the dream shifts gears, and now I’m a sword wielding adventurer collecting perks, items, and upgrades as I go. I forget where the first place was that had me fighting monsters, but as the game progressed, I wound up in a tiny village in a frozen wasteland. My brother Jamie and sister Cara are there now. I wander off to a frozen ice-wall with a tiny cliff to climb up on. Suddenly, wolves emerge for me to fight off while I’m on the cliff (about 6 feet off the ground.) I jump down, bring out my sword, and go in for the kill. Slash one, kick another so it’s sent flying, and use one of my funky powers on the last one. As the bodies disappear  the “prizes” are left in their place. They were shining white orbs that look like stars, and when I picked one up I got these powerful ice shoes. When I kick something again, this time they’ll become frozen and shatter from the impact of the ice on your body crashing against the ground.  As I’m celebrating and admiring my new gear, I catch something “floating” out of the corner of my eye in the ocean behind us… it’s black, red, and kind of leather looking. I try to carry out my conversations with everyone, but I keep having to turn away to steal a few glances of this thing. Finally, it’s close to the shore, and rising upward. I scream at my sister to run, and my brother stands with me. My sister doesn’t listen for fear and concern of our safety. She stands a few feet behind us. I scream at the top of my lungs that if she doesn’t leave, it’s going to kill her… she’s going to die, and it’ll be her fault if we get hurt trying to save her. We will suffer for the rest of our lives because of her, and I end it desperately screaming “IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!?!?!!!”. She pales at the thought of this. Suddenly – it’s too late. A massive walrus emerges from ocean towering 3 stories above us from top to bottom. I freak out. There is NO way a low-level pussy like me is gonna defeat this thing… I lack the power and strength. I scream “RRUUUNNNNN” to everyone, and my siblings and I run inside on of the houses.

Once inside I think we’re at least somewhat safe, but I was wrong. Suddenly the door bursts open and he squeezes his massive body through the door and takes up the bulk of the livingroom. Once he’s inside we make a mad dash for the kitchen, but he’s shrunk enough now to some degree where he can fit his whole body inside, but can’t progress any further. It’s stuck and can’t do anything – plus we have windows and a back door to escape. As fate slowly turns in my favor, I grow less fearful, and the walrus shrinks again. Furthermore, it’s losing it’s ability to move well from not being in it’s natural environment. In a brave attempt I walk up behind it and kick it with my ice abilities, but my ice shoes no longer work. I don’t understand what went wrong or why, but the beast doesn’t acknowledge me much… it just looks at me kind of confused and sad. My panic disperses, and I leave.


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