I Grieve

I was with a large group of random people… some of them church members, some of them my little sisters friends from school…. but we were all at a theme park heading towards the next ride. I ran into Peter and Adam while we were all walking. Peter momentarily says hi, so I politely do the same… and then he delivers then news – his son Jay is dead. He got into some kind of accident and didn’t make it. They couldn’t get his body back either… the investigation was on going. It became really hard to breathe as I started thinking about him. Then I thought of his mother. She must have taken it the worst. I wen’t into denial at that point and hoped Peter had lied, so I started randomly hoping he’d show up in my dream, but he never did.

Eventually we reach our destination. It’s one of those hanging roller coasters, but the seats themselves were a black plushy leather. I ask the guy over seeing it if I can throw my backpack on the ground with everyone elses, and he says no. It needs to be placed in a special little buggy. I toss it into the buggy but just as I did, I spin around and notice that my little sister’s friends I was supposed to have sat with had already lowered the bar, and it wouldn’t raise any higher. So I move over to the one in front of it. It was Adam, and he had the whole thing to himself. For once he actually wanted to be nice and let me sit, but he couldn’t raise the bar either. The one in front of Adam had Peter and some random guy. Eventually I back up so it can take off. I was gonna wait for the next one, but it didn’t happen. I grieve over the loss of someone I loved, and is no more.

I wake up okay strangely enough… no stuffy nose from weeping, just a little short on breath.


878178-Steampunk 7


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