Riding on to Christmas

I got on the COAST bus at the Dover train station, looking to head to portsmouth for some reason. I get on and decided to stay standing at the front of the bus rather than sit down. I carry on a conversation with the bus driver, who’s one of the older, heavier gentlemen. Suddenly, the bus changes from going south to north once we get to the last little convince shop just before Dover point. I obviously found it strange since we were there to head to Portsmouth, and asked the bus driver why. He said this route is shorter, and we wont be heading to Portsmouth till we get to Dover again. I panic a little, because I start thinking about how now I’m going to be late for school, and someone is waiting for me to get there and I’ll be late – and I don’t have my phone.


Then it turns into a Christmas dream. I don’t remember everything at this point, but I know I had 4 round chocolate disks, and I had my little sister and someone else about her age there. I shared one with each of them, and decided to keep the last, but didn’t eat them. I think the chocolate was a rewards for getting some answers right to a few questions someone asked; I think it was my mom.



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