Down Down To China Town


The first part of the dream I remember being at a massive Chinese restaurant. I don’t remember if I was officially working for them or not, but Moe Wong was in it. I was helping to keep the buffet tables stocked after I had a little with my dad. There were a bunch of tables and chairs, and bunches of booths for everyone. It filled up sizably well.

From there I don’t know if I was still at the restaurant and he showed up or I went to a concert, but Michael Jackson rings loudly through my head. I know he was a part of it. I know I was outside at some point at what I think is a massive park.

Last I had some EXTRAORDINARILY hot guy in my room – the kind I don’t ever dream about or talk to in real life cause I don’t look good enough. He was thin – but deliciously sculpted and somewhat bulked up from working out; Dark brown hair, amazing blue eyes, a little tan…. not someone I could ever indulge in in real life. We were playfully teasing each other in my bed, when he made a comment about getting me to talk. I responded “Talk? I’ll show you about getting someone to talk!” He laughed, and I head on over to my dresser to grab a thing of bed restraints. The point was to tease him to death so he has to open up and tell me exactly what he wants. I rummage through drawer after drawer over and over again, but I couldn’t find them. I’m now annoyed. I go back to my partner, but never made it.

I woke up.


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