Seaside Reunion


My dream starts off at this house with a picnic table at the back. Moms side of the family has all united for a reunion, and somehow I’m the one managing certain aspects about it.

Then the dream setting shifts, and were all at the beach saying goodbye to one another. I gave aunt Angie a hug, but something about it felt a little…off; mean even. The vibe from her was disturbing, though she smiled and acted as if she missed me.

I turn around and look behind me to see my cousins, Angies kids, playing on the edge of a small cliff. Below is the sand, and high tide approaching. I was a little disappointed that we were at the beach and I never got the chance to at least soak my feet, so I headed towards them, but stayed against the sea. The further I traveled forward, the more uncomfortable it got against my bare feet. It went from sand, to tiny broken shells mixed with sand, to pretty decent size shells and no sand. They were similar to the snail shells, but beautiful different colors.

Then the tide started to come in a little quicker. I was below my cousins at the cliff looking up, and with the water approaching, I tried to climb the cliff, but it was made of sand that was too soft to climb. I turned to the right and looked at where I came from to see my mom trying to come towards me, but she’s wary of the tide coming in too. I worry a little about how were going to get out and walk towards her, but she finds a way, and so do I.

The way out was a little sand hill that was steep, but enough to get above sea level. I climb the sand and turn right, but it sand hill itself was not enough for me to get back onto the sandy grass. I was still on the edge of the cliff, and as I try to walk forward, a decent size aggressive crab walks in front of me. Again, I walk towards the right and a little faster than it, not only to make sure I dont get pinched by this thing (or lose a toe), but also to get off the dangers of the cliff.

Instead, I almost fall off the cliff, catch myself, and keep walking forward. As I do I find myself back against the ocean and I’m staring up at what appears to be a shiny, onyx colored mushroom cap the size of a small pizza. It started to hiss and came to life. Amazed at what was before me, I pull out my phone to take a picture. Theres a man now sitting right by this thing. He’s watching me and the creature. As soon as I have my phone out, the creature stands up on its short, strong, black tentacles, hisses again, and lunges at me. The tentacles look like multiple tail ends to a whip. When it lunges, it hisses one last time, and I drop my phone. Rather than landing on me, it lands on the crab that I forgot was following me, and proceeds to make a meal of it. The crab has my phone and is trying to keep it, but the mushroom/jellyfish creature kills the crab, and faces death as well. It protected me I guess.

I’m afraid to grab my phone now, so the guy that was on the cliff jumps down, grabs it, and gives it back. We exchange a few brief words like “well that was entertaining” and I take a picture of the dead sea life at my feet. I say goodbye to the guy and move on to the right again.

I find myself nearing the top of the cliff again, but as I do, the terrain becomes more aggressive and somewhat scary. I’m now walking on pure shells containing the ability to still hold life inside them. Dead small crab shells are among them. I look to my left and contained within the cliff of shells is a massive 10-15 foot squid. Its eyeball was huge, and the squid was a pinkish color. None of its body was starting to deteriorate. For some reason I think the squid, though contained within the cliff, is very much alive. I hustle by it looking for my family, but they’re gone.

I wake up.



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