Zombie Apocalypse


I’m wandering around alone & hiding from everyone. The zombie apocalypse has begun, and I have no idea who to trust.

I’m running in and out of deserted buildings when I finally find an open clearing at the edge of the woods. There I meet five other youth such as myself (I was 17ish); there were three guys and two girls.

We all make our way back into town, and inside a Victorian era style home. It was fully furnished inside, and looked as if it belonged to someone much older than us. A few times we leave the building thereafter, but every time we do, we’re in danger. Theres the possibility we’ll run into a zombie, but more importantly, the police will shoot us down without a second thought, or arrest us for being minors without a parent.

Inside a bunch of us end up becoming bored and alone, and we eventually eventually fall for each other. One couple who I’d considered to be the “main characters” of this drama were already together in the first place. One of the guys decided to shag up with me, and I thought it wasn’t a bad idea at least for repopulating the earth because everyone is being killed. The others ended up alone and faded out of the story line.

At the end a bunch of adults & elderly people walk thought the door, and it happens to be someone related to one of the guys. We gratefully help them out with unpacking and such since they gave us shelter, warmth, and food for so long for free.

The dream ends.


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