Shuttles and Theives

341959-$Riches 31

I was part of a space shuttle program and was asked last second to join. I rode on top of the rocket as it went all the way up, but then I lost my grip and fell back to earth pretty close to when I’d hit space. I guess I was supposed to anyway cause I wasn’t wearing proper space gear, and the point of the study was trajectory – where I would land from falling off the rocket. I ended up landing smack dab in the middle of NY in the exact spot they needed me too. A little shaky, I come on out of this massive concrete tunnel I landed in, head around the corner, and there is Stephen Colbert waiting to do an interview with me. Now, I freaking think this guy is AMAZING, so I was shocked when he leaned in for a kiss before the interview, especially since he’s married. It wasn’t just a quick peck though – it was a two or three long intimate ones. After that the cameras turned on and he started the interview, asking how it felt to be the first woman to try that kinda stunt. The audience was laughing and the sarcasm kept coming as he tried to label what I did as a “republican stunt” for the Newt Gingrich moon colony of “Newtists.” It was awesome.

Afterwards, I walk away and become super poor and with a bad group of friends. I left the city for some small suburban middle class town. I turn into a thief and broke into peoples houses stealing goods to resell at this dollar tree kinda place. I settled on hitting up this one building that had the family still in it. The mother/grandmother busts me and the family tries to chase me down before the police show up, but I got away. I drop the stuff off and head to another place to case. Turned out it was a different house, but the same family! Their son asks why I do it and I got to some genuine answer of “put yourself in my shoes. Its the only thing I know. Its the only way I can live.” I get away again with there stuff, but end up back in NY City.

I know at one point I dreamt of adding Ryan to facebook, probably using one of the computers in the broken-in-to homes, but his brother freaked out and made him delete me, and then he blocked me – so it wasn’t worth it. Blah.


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