Bath Time

I remember being pissed off at elizabeth or something. Pretty sure it was her. Anyway, I try to relax and start a bath for myself. I get the water going and it starts to fill up. Out of nowhere I start to see these yellow transparent blobs of color in the water. I try to figure out what it is by swishing the water around when I finally see the source of it. Bathtub teabags I purchased some weeks in advance at macropolo were floating in my tub; it was a peppermint eucalyptus relaxation one. It was one teabag that mysteriously showed up in my tub, and once it was in my hand it duplicated and turned into two. That alone stressed me even more because A) I didn’t want to use it for this bath, B) they were both wet which means I couldn’t set one aside, and C) I didn’t make the water hot enough to “brew” the teabags appropriately to make them strong enough. *Sigh* What a waste of money – Oh well. I plop them in the bath, strip down nude, jump in, and relax. I swish the water around some more but the yellow color from the teabags would not touching me – almost like it was avoiding me.

I wake up.

How is it that when the term ends and I throw out my roommates that I remember my dreams again next day?


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