Yangtze Restaurant

I’m working at yangtze again. I walked in looking for a job app, and Moe hired me on the spot. Strangely enough I was already wearing the black and white attire. Customers start pouring in and I’m taking orders like I use to. Katie and Heather were there from old, but Aris was now working there too. I refused to say anymore than hi to him, and I ignored him the rest of the time he tried to approach me or talk to me. He never asked about our son either. He quit after that.

I remember making a table wait for their tea and water too long and felt bad for them, but I got stressed out too cause the water cups had changed big time and I couldn’t find them. Avy stayed in the kitchen working for the most part. At one point I started to talk to a couple who had just sat down, but then I remembered they weren’t in my side of the restaurant, they were in Aris’s. After a bout two minutes with him listening in I tell the customers Aris will take their order. They get kinda annoyed and I leave.

Weird dream.


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