Wealthy Choices

I was with this family in Boston in an extremely elegant home… well, more like a palace really. There was an older woman who was most likely the grandmother, then there was the mom, and 2 awesome kids that were 10 and 7. I’m walking around admiring the marble flooring, columns, elegant everything really when I come back to the table and join in on a conversation. The mother is talking to the grandmother about her dad, and I guess he’s not in hiding or something because he got a hold of the grandmother. They’re supposed to meet up and discuss on a partial basis why he ran away. The grand-kids heard it though, so they came barreling in wanting to meet him too. The mother was adamantly against it, and walked off with a final “no”; but I saw what these kids were conjuring up. They started asking lower-level personal stuff like full name and last known location, but I knew what they were up to. Once they had their fill of info from the grandmother they raced along upstairs. I go up there to see whats going on and they’re looking for his current information on google. I do this smile, shake my head, roll my eyes and turn to leave combo. I was quite proud of them actually. I go back downstairs for a few, listen silently, and then go back upstairs out of boredom. The kids found their grandfather, exchanged emails, and left the house without permission. Turns out he lived 5 to 10 minutes down the road and the kids exchanged numbers and addresses. I alert the mother & grandmother by bringing the laptop down for them to read, and take off in a separate car from the other two to look for the kids. I decided however that this was for the best and I hope the kids make it before the ladies catch up, so I decided to do something else instead – it was fine. I’m driving around waving my consequences between not having any money and not having any fun, and decide to check out a few restaurants by the marina. I was gonna see if the family I was just with would lend me money – but I know better. They’re a “too each his own” family. They expected you to start off with nothing and bust your ass off to become rich – as per the”family way,” and if you don’t make it, you’re not really family. Taking that in I said “screw it, I’m gonna have fun.” I parked at some random boat dock/bar & grill and forget the risks.

Everyone inside is loud and laughing with drinks in hand and good times roll’n. I walk up to the bar tender and ask for a menu. The fella next to me buys me a drink, then gets me into the lively conversation he’s having with his friends. I hang out for a bit and then head outside to the docks. There was a sign that mentioned renting one of these massive & elegant boats for a few hours for a God-awful price of $7,000.00. I was considering it as a fun time in exchange for 10 years of debt, but said “no way.” I go back inside, and upstairs to the top half of the bar and look out the windows at how many boats there were, and the massive moon. Then I got lucky and started hanging out with more random people, but this time they invited me on their boat! I went outside, on deck, and boarded his yacht. I had a blast! I never got drunk because I really didn’t want to drink, but I fit in and had fun – thats what mattered really.

I wake up.



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