Lacking Focus

I remember bicycling to the church and reciving a phone call from one of the men, but some level of miscommunication had taken place. I was told there was gonna be an event of some kind that required a certain attire. I show up and the problem becomes extremely obvious – was I was in my night gown and (obviously) feeling horribly self-conscious. Why that was the attire for the event I dont remember, but I know that the miscommunication was when that event was taking place because people were coming in, and everyone else was in normal daytime clothing. The for some odd reason we start it off with everyone standing up and giving the morning pledge of aligence. I didn’t want to do it because everyone standing would notice me and I just wanted to leave. Eventually I make a break for it and manage to get a ride home with one of the more high-strung, head strong, conservative older women. I forget what we were talking about but I get home, change, and decide to make it back to church on my bicycle again. As I was leaving I received a phone call. I look down at my cell fearing it may have been Joe but it wasn’t. Actually the picture on the caller ID was of two men bicycling away from me. Before I answer I ask myself if this could be Jason and sure enough – it is. We decide to meet up, and I tell him I’m headed to the church. He agrees and we take off meeting up at about the same time. I know we were talking for a while and may have even agreed to go elsewhere, but I don’t remember at this point – other dreams cloud my vision.


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