Dances of the night


There were these shoes made of blown glass with musical notes for the heels; one was white and red blown glass, and one was white and blue. They were at Pine Tree Academy right by the stage in the basketball court; Oh how I wanted those shoes… they were beautiful and represented me so much some how. Then I went through the double doors leading outside to where the playground would have been, and into another building as the sky was setting into a classroom that doesn’t belong to the school. The classroom is kinda misplaced with an odd antiquities feel to it. There were people inside in their own little cliques. It was pretty, but I didn’t dwell long. I did this for a while, in and out of classrooms thinking about those shoes and how much I wanted them, I’m pretty sure a part of me wanted to steal them but I talked my way out of it.

Once night had completely descended upon everyone, some kinda energy and excitement came looming from within me, and I started tumbling, spinning, and jumping this crazy graceful dancing mix between jedi-knight-light-saber-attacks and ballet. Two guys came out of one of the buildings and saw me, one of african-american descent, and one kid who looked like a shorter acne-ridden version of Leon with buzz-cut hair. The african-american guy was absorbed by the sight of my moves, so when his friend asked if he wanted to go inside, he said no, he wanted to stay. He mentioned something about the night that made him want to dance. His friend took off and I just kept doing these crazy parkour-ballet-jedi dance moves before finally getting sick from all the spinning and I tumbled to the ground. There was a strange energy coming from him as well now, and I could feel it. On the one hand, he wanted to join me in the dance… on the other, it was calling to on a much deeper and primal plain within me. Despite this, I tumbled off into the grass and looked out into the night sky of limitless stars… it was an incredible sight to behold. I waited for him to join me in the grass, at the very least introduce himself, but my phone went off during my nap and I had no choice but to wake up. My dream ended, but even as my eyes opened, the image of the night sky still burned within my minds eye.


The heels had a smaller, fatter, and more uniform shape with blotches of white and red throughout the center!


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