Adventures up Mount Washington

I’m driving north towards Conway, N.H. I brought my Nikon D70, and my kiddo is at the babysitters house. I was hoping to get some amazing shots to add to my collection in my business, Nevermore Photography. As I’m driving I come across this huge mountain with tons of people skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. I drive upwards for a little bit a pull over for a photoshot. I step out of the car, lock it, shut it, and in that moment realize I locked myself out of my car. Thankfully I remembered to bring my cellphone. I give my mom a call, and although she’s not too enthused, I check the map for time estimates and she agrees to pick me up within the next 2 hours.

I decided to wander around for a bit now since I’m stuck, and worse yet, my camera is in the car too. Point of trip = defeated. I walk towards a building where people are getting gear and snacks for their time here. As I’m walking up, I see Dawson and a few other people – some I “know”, and some I don’t. I was invited to go snowshoeing with them, and since I’ve never been before, I agreed. I did explain to them I had to be back at a certain time since my mom was on her way with keys. I ask him about prices since I dont have money, and somehow snowshoe rentals are actually free. I make my way inside with some older guy who reminds me of somebody I use to know, and he starts hitting on me. Of course, I’m loving it, and so I return fire with bold and sarcastic suggestions and persuasive hints with body language. Somehow we pretty much start acting like some overly sexualized couple walking back – hugging me from behind with his hands over my stomach.

We find the guys and for some reason had to head back inside where we all witness someone yelling over the prices of the snowshoe fee. 5 pairs of snowshoes for $95. They’re trying to barbarian the price down and the employee just wouldn’t have it. Furthermore the more I listen to the debate, the more I realize the people have the money, or suck at bargaining.

We head back outside and start to make the climb. I panic because of my worry about my mother not finding me, and wake up.

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