Bargain Hunting


I was in some kinda warehouse with tons of old stuff – poor lighting and a tan look to the room. The prices were negotiable, and you usually end up paying about the same price as a family looking to have a yard sale for the sake of making room, not money. I remember finding some amazing looking clothes that I had to have, so I loaded it into the cart. Then I found some old N64 games, Super Nintendo games, and Gameboy cartridges that were all mainstream back in the day; there might have even been binders full of a variety of collectible cards too. I’m looking at them in disbelief because the Mario and Zelda games alone retail about $50 used online, and I knew I was about to get them for dirt cheap. I put those in the carriage too and keep walking. I come across a 4 disc DVD set that contained porn from pin-up girls from the 50’s like Betty Page, and once again I’m amazed. “I could make a mint off of this… I hope I can get this for $20”. Last, I remember a kit of some kind, and contained therein was a compartment of old coins in amazing condition – primarily coins made with real silver and gold. I knew no one had ever found these or else it wouldn’t be here. They could have been in a coin collectors market and graded for top dollar! I loaded up my cart with other random goods of a historical cosplay nature (kilts, armor, knives, renaissance items, etc.) and make my way up to the register. I get all of it… ALL of it for $40! Its loaded into 2 giant 30lbs. black trash bags and I make my way out. The dream changes to feature some really hunky guy, and it goes down hill from there…. or down on me. Whatever. It was hot, and a constant reminder that I’m not getting laid. -.-‘ I need sex.


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