Its a shame


I’ll wake up and realize I’ve dreamed a dream but not had time to type it out. 😦

I’m stressed over my last term
Stressed over possibly failing
Stressed as to if I pass, will I get into my Masters degree program
Stressed I’m struggling so hard to pay the bills
Stressed about possibly being evicted

I’m just so stressed I feel like I’ve become a slave to it. 😦

I just have to push through it all for the next 2 weeks and I’m done for the most part, but after dealing with it for almost 2 months, I wish it was done and over with now. 😦

Aside from that, I know I’ve had a diversity of dreams, but just can’t get them down. Last, this class has me up till 1am at times so I can’t just “wake up early” to fulfill my hobby.

Two more weeks; just two more weeks…..


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