Deeply Affected


Dreams do come true…. this time, it was a dream spent wide awake for 4 years, with the hardest hurdle being the last hurdle. I finally have my bachelors degree, and sent out the application today to Mount Washington College to send my transcripts over to New England College for my masters degree. I’m putting all my eggs in one basket by only applying to this college, but I don’t have to take my GRE’s for it. If I don’t succeed, I wont be deterred – it just means I’ll have to try again and find an alternative route to accomplishing my dreams. I cannot begin to express how amazing this feels. I’m 1/3 of the way to becoming a therapist, among other things. I don’t exactly know how the future will play out, but the one thing of value I’ve gained most in all of this, is a sense of self-worth. I walked into this degree four years ago believing I was stupid, and desperate for some level of navigation, not knowing where I’d go or what I’d do. Nothing is still set in stone as of yet, but I’m always getting one step closer to becoming who I was truly meant to be. This is perhaps the only thing I’m searching for after all….

Still, get my masters, open my own practice, own a home by the lake, and enjoy life. This is all I really want. I’ve learned to be happy being single, and as long as I’m getting laid here and there, I’m good. 😀 Life is good…. life is good…

So looking forward to cracking open a new bottle and brand of wine. The hardest decision tonight is do I want the raspberry cream or the chocolate truffle wine… hmm… I wonder if they would blend well together.


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