A Nightmare of the Dumbest Kind Part 2

(Part one is before this if you should wish to read it)

Shit… that was the other part of my dream. I got into a fight with Todd, and he must have had a family reunion cause 5 or six other people were there. This was as we were leaving, and I was just about to get into my ex’s car. Todd starts shouting something stupid but offensive towards me, and so I tell him to shut the fuck up before I call the police again, and he walks off to his apartment, but his family decides to stay for the battle. At one point some guy asks me “what’s the point of calling the police? They’re not gonna do anything anyway….” to which I could only respond “At least they’ll have it all documented.” I wanted right then and there to run to the police and have that fucker arrested, or beat the shit out of him myself, but I did nothing, just drove off with the ex. >.>

That was the other reason I woke up so pissed and emotional.



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