A Nightmare of the Dumbest Kind


So, I dreamt my ex was crashing the night cause.. well, I forget at this point, but we ended up getting laid. -.-‘ Afterwards we all head to  bed, and morning comes…. but I didn’t really sleep… I just kinda did random things and waited patiently like the puppy I always perceived myself to be. Finally the clock says 8 am, and I know he has to leave soon for 10 am. I wage a struggle between opening the door and waking him up or respecting his need for sleep and not going in. In the end, I walk in, and he’s already dressed and showered (when he showered I wouldn’t have a clue). I just kinda stood there dumbfounded for a moment drinking him in. He turns to me and smiles, and I offer my explanation of wanting to see him before he goes. I walk in, and we flop to the bed and just kinda make-out and chat…. out of nowhere my brother walks in nude (though mentally I dare not look below the waits….eww) and my son is in his arms fully clothed. I panic as I now realize my ex and I are now lying in bed nude, and we got caught. I didn’t want him to know cause he’s a whistle blower, and soon the family will know. -.-‘ Just when I thought he would put my son on the floor and walk away, instead he walks in to my room more and over to the corner of my bedroom looking for something! No one says a word to anyone, and finally he leaves. I panic, get dressed, and my ex and I leave with my son. At some point I remember going through his phone briefly while he was busy and getting so mad at seeing Kia on there. :-/ Anyway… we leave, and head to Dover. We pull over in one of the back streets towards central ave., and get out. I don’t really remember what happened next, but the panic of getting caught, and the anger looking at his phone was enough to wake me at 5:30. >.>’


Funny enough, after I woke up the obsession for music kicked in, and the song stuck in my head this morning was Monster from Eminem and Rihanna. Fitting in some way I think…


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