Random Thoughts




I promised myself I’d start a new routine. For the life of me I could not sleep well :-/ I was up at 1:45, then 3ish, then 5:45, then my alarms went off at about 6:40. I tried to sleep for an extra 20, but was up 10 minutes later making my sons lunch. I remember fragments of my dreams…. I know Dawson was telling me that he wanted to show me how to set up the tripod, but I didn’t have the kim wipes for the camera to clean the sensor…. or whatever they’re called. I know something sexual was lingering around the corner, wanting to hit on someone to bump and grind, but I don’t remember who I was talking too. I don’t think it was a male however. I also know I was stressed at some point in my dream…. themes of coworkers were abundant. Meh…. lack of sleep screws up my ability to remember dreams… as does too much. 😛

So, about that routine… I really want to practice mindfulness and meditation for my overall health, and downloaded an app called Mindful to get me started. So far I really enjoy it. It asks for 3 core values (I put wisdom, caring, and authenticity), as well as three goals I’d like to work on. From there, it prompts you three times a day, morning, noon, and night, to help get you started by simply focusing on breathing, as well as setting simple assignments to reinforce your ability to be mindful without the assistance of the app. I really do recommend it for people looking to do the same, but are equally just as technology based.

After that I really want to start journaling in the morning too. I use to do this ALLL the time, and it was such a positive experience. Helped to keep me focused on my goals for the day, positive, and happy.

The best one is I now have a workout buddy during the week after work; I finally have that extra motivation to go, and my son is in daycare. I really hope having someone to help kick my ass works out well. 😀 That and its more fun with a friend to chat with…. helps to pass the time. Very thankful.


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