I feel as if I have something deep and meaningful to say thats bottled and pent up inside of me, but I don’t know what to say, or who to say it too.

Most of whats been on my mind lately I managed to squawk on an earlier post about…. but I feel like theres something more. Something deeper. I really wish I could see a therapist at some point. I over-analyze everything about me to hell, only to end up tearing myself down and relying on others to calm my incessant internal self-murderous voice. Its unhealthy, though strangley normal. I wonder if others go through this…. I doubt it. Its just my fear of being judged acting up again. I’m so sick of anxiety…. it’s draining. Hell, it’s exhausting.

I really wish I had a man who accepts me for who I am. I truly wish I felt loved from the inside out. 😦 I’ve never really known what that feels like though. Maybe I never will….


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