Flesh Eaters

Man I hate my scarab dreams. I’t been YEARS since I’ve had one, but because of this, I remember the contrasting outline between now & then.


I’m in a school of some kind with a mixed range of students from middle school and up. I dont entirely remember how it happened but I’m pretty sure I walked by one of the classrooms on break and heard a couple of people discussing their fear because thousands of people had died from scarab beetles traveling in massive quantities underground, destroying everything in it’s path. When I heard this I asked him if this was true, and he said yes. Based upon my other dreams of this kind and why people had died, I immediately took control of the situation and made everyone clear the halls and get into their rooms. People started to do so, but then I noticed they weren’t closing their doors. I shouted the instruction down the hall and made it clear their lives depended on it. Many listened and shut their door, but one room did not. I went in, moved the chair that was blocking it, and thats when I heard them… massive amounts of beetles storming the hallways. I tried to shut the door in time, but a few got in. They were underneath the carpets. I tried to stomp on them, but they were indestructible. I waited patiently to see what would happen and told everyone to keep calm. No screams coming from the other room – thats good. It may mean it’s just us who are in danger. Unable to handle what might happen next, I’m forced to wake up and reflect on this.


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