So Shall It Be, Blessed Be

Sitting at crackskulls drinking my pot of mint green tea and about to work on my book of shadows, starting with a basic reference guide for spell casting and when it’s most effective; it’s nice being able to switch it up and work on my spiritual health for a change. Just down the road I’ve got my laundry going… I’ve been so tangled up in work and recovery from codependence that I’ve been slacking off working at stuff that needs to get done at home… Or perhaps I just haven’t had the energy and I’m just beating myself up over it… The house doesn’t need to be spotless, but it’s been a week as well. I can’t tell you how much I hate doing dishes. 😛

Trying to be gentle with myself while not beating myself up over needs is tough… Really tough. Trying to take things one step at a time… Overt and covert sexual abuse has also been stuck in my head since I finished the chapter in facing codependence. I’m not sure how to process that out, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself dwelling on it right now. 

One step at a time…


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