Overlapping Face

My dream starts off in Newington. I was shopping at the mall and found Jason – tried to strike up a conversation but he wasn’t having it… Hates me again as usual. I end up wanting to go to some store similar to hot topic and unfortunately he was heading that way, which made me look like a stalker.  I ended buying this awesome black light paint and leaving.

That’s when I saw Ben and Brianna Lockhart (blast from the past). The two of them were shopping and hanging out, and I wanted to jump in and join, but Ben is now avoiding me too, though not as much as Jason did. Ben walks into the store with bri and I just chill outdid the stores… That’s when Brianna walked out with a phone number in his handwriting with his sisters name and number. 

“Wait, did Ben just give you Katy’s number?”

“Well I don’t see anyone chasing YOU AROUND – HA HA!” (This was very typical of bri)

That’s when I lost it on her and started verbally attacking her, but none of it made sense… The things I accused her of weren’t things she’d done… They were Kylie. She storms off rolling her eyes at me in a way only bri can to join Ben; again I’m waiting for them to come out cause I know she’s gonna talk shit about me to Ben and I’m gonna go in there and try to control what she say about me to him, which I can’t. 

Finally they come out, and it suddenly becomes a standoff between me and her, but the three of us are standing in a triangle… Bri runs off mad at me, and I’m so afraid of both how Ben is judging me for destroying another friendship and for hurting bri, that I chase her down and appologize. Uncharacteristicly of her is she accepts my apology… Also, me apologizing to her is uncharacteristic too. That’s when I look up and I’m no longer looking at Brianna, I’m looking at Kylie. We hug it out and go back to Ben, laughing away; that’s when I become fearful and angry at Ben for having played a big role in tearing us apart… And I wake up. 

For fucks sake… This dream… I don’t even wanna know. 


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