Little Blessings

I didn’t realize the UNH bus ran on Sunday’s; managed to catch it and he let me pay $1 for fare instead of $1.50. Lucky me. 🙂 Also, peppermint tea. So thankful I get to indulge in something so simple. With an hour to kill before work, some meditation outside sounds like an excellent idea; it’s the little things that count. 

I need to find a real CODA support group, or ask a group of therapists to start one here in Durham since it’s more likely they’ll get enough people to start it up. 

I really should start that recovery book, but I haven’t yet… It just seems so daunting since I didn’t expect it to be so huge, and yet so small for space to write by the same token; everything will have to be journaled out, which may be better in the end. Who knows. 


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