The Thunderstorms of Anger

Anger… It thunders. It’s loud, and comes with a torrential downpour.

Sometimes there is warning; a rumble in the distance to let you know it’s coming, but overall it’s a downpour, and it’s difficult to control. 

The winds of emotion sway the sacred trees of inner wisdom that carry the artistic leaves of presence…

I’m angry, and I need to work through this. 

I’m angry at myself because I couldn’t release the need for control over a situation that I question was worth being angry over… But then again, there is an element of safety on the line…

Safety for our wellbeing and health…

Safety for our ability to continue on here…

Safety. The need for control is the desire to be safe… But I don’t want it to be at the expense of other people’s emotions… Then again, they know better. It’s been 6 months. They’re adults. They know better. 

In the end I’m only trying to justify my anger rather than accept and let it go…

But how. How do I do that in this context. How do I do that in general? 

I’m angry. It’s okay to have this feeling. Anger serves a protective function, and it is normal.

What is my anger trying to tell me beyond that… I just don’t know. 


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