Meaning in the Mundane

Made a desert calzone from scratch out of marscapone cheese, Nutella, banana, marshmallows, and topped with that frozen strawberry goopy stuff… Here’s hoping it turns out amazing! 

I also managed to clean the whole freaking kitchen (which was long overdue). Those floors were nasty! Also made sandwich sliders based off one of those Facebook videos using the dinner roll idea – next time I need less potent onions, less BBQ sauce, and a better selection of meat. Doesn’t last as long as I thought it would. 

Managed to get through work successfully (always a bonus) and used my spiritually charged water in the shower. Despite how drained I feel, it’s been a very productive day, and one I should be proud of! Hope I collect enough rainwater for spell casting this evening… And I hope I don’t wake up with anymore panic attacks. 

Must register to vote tomorrow – last day to do it! 


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