Just woke up from a bad dream

It started off with me going to some public nutrition class at Walgreens when I find out clients from great bay are attending it. Im directed to where Darlene is, and her aunt is sitting with her; I sneak up along side her and wait until she notices me – her aunt sees me first and says “heeeyyy! Darlene, look who it is!”



“Look Darlene it’s really her!”

I throw my arms around her, sob my eyes out on her shoulder cause I missed her so much, and chat for a small bit. The class continues on about health and nutrition and it’s Darlenes turn to talk. She grabs this probiotic medicine off the shelf and tries to talk about it to the group, but wasn’t able to find her words well and asked me for help. Where I’m not her DSP anymore and knew nothing of it, her aunt jumped in and talked about it for her. After the class ended and I said goodbye and left.

I get to the parking lot, realize I need to use the bathroom, walk back inside but it’s no longer Walgreens, it’s a warped version of great bay services – everything was dimly lit and had the feel of an 80’s mental asylum. As I walk further in I decided I needed an escort so I don’t get thrown out again by upper management. Sarah comes around the corner in the nik of time and gets me there safely. When I’m done I come out, and there’s Dawn L. Chatting away with someone. I try to leave without her noticing me but it didn’t work. She proceeds to have a conversation with me as I walk out the door and she walks along side me, talking about my brother Jamie and her restaurant.
“You know I know your brother, right?”

“Uhh, I mean both of my brothers work as cooks – one for Olive Garden and one at the friendly toast.”

“Oh I know, Jamie works for me too in the kitchen.”

“Oh, cool.”

I really wanted her to leave me alone at this point as my hatred for her was turning into fear. She was dropping subtle hints towards how she has a “good working relationship” with him, unlike me and the trouble I caused at great bay, and that she’s actually a good person, and it’s a “Shame” we couldn’t all “get along.” We went our separate ways shortly thereafter, and I woke up.


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