Like a Bitch

I swear I must be PMSing it cause literally every little thing is pissing me off today despite trying to stay positive – my son still isn’t asleep yet, politics is angering me, little miss insecurity decided to 1-up me on the maturity scale by misinterpreting what I said (Ben hadn’t gotten back to me yet and I wasn’t sure if he was mad at me, at work, or in the hospital, so she’s all like “yeah, I’ve learned not to get in people’s business and just do my own thing – not to sound rude or anything”; it was rude cause I didn’t solicit your opinion and it wasn’t about being in his medical stuff, it was about the fact that he didn’t respond to my text and I wasn’t sure why. Fuck you bitch…. Literally I wanna fucking jump outta my own skin and pounce! I went for a fucking walk for a good hour and I still can’t shake this shit; it’s probably why I had that dream this morning too. 

I took a fucking Ativan cause no matter what, it’s a sedative, so even though I’m not anxious, just seething with nit-picky rage, it should be enough to either level me out or put me to sleep…. 😡


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